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5 - Use of cluster ions during postharvest storage of sweets cherries and table grape
V. Chiabrando - G. Giacalone

The air purification effect of positively and negatively charged ions generated at atmospheric pressure on sweet cherry and table grape quality during post-harvest storage is reported. Charged ions have been generated by a novel ion generator placed inside the storage room. The ions generator was used and tested on cherry and table grape samples during storage at 1°C for 30 and 70 days, respectively. Fruits were analyzed for weight loss, firmness, skin color, acidity content, total soluble solid and total yeast/molds. Ions treatment positively influenced the quality maintenance of the product, by improving color retention and preserving quality during storage. The air ions treatment during storage period has the potential to control fruit decay and microbial contamination as well as maintain fruit quality.




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