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3 - The use of High Pressure Processing for extending the shelf-life of vacuum packed cold meats
L. Iacumin - M. Lo Re - S. Ottaviani C. Patthey - E. Mitri - G. Landini S. Ottocento - G. Comi

A High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP) treatment was evaluated to extend the shelf-life or eliminate the post-slicing microbial population of some packaged cooked meat products stored at 4 ± 2°C for up to 120 days. The meat products that did not undergo HHP treatment were subject to deterioration, which was caused by an increase in lactic acid bacteria, shortly after packaging. In the treated samples, on the other hand, there was a significant delay in the growth of the microorganisms associated with deterioration and this helped to maintain the sensory freshness of the cooked ham and porchetta slices for at least 120 days, and of mortadella slices for at least 60 days. The HHP treatment did not completely decontaminate the microbial population made up of Coagulase Negative Cocci and lactic acid bacteria. As a matter of fact, even if their presence was not noted immediately (time 0) after the treatment, (<2 log UFC/g limit threshold method), the bacteria that did survive the treatment has actually grown over time and after 120 days, could be observed at concentration levels less than 5 log CFU/g. On the contrary, in the untreated samples the concentration exceeded 7 log UFC/g and therefore made the product unfit for consumption.


12 - Extra virgin olive oils produced in Calabria: the Leccino cultivar from ionian area of Reggio Calabria, Italy
A. Avram - M.E. Caccamo - C. Zappia - R.M. Macrì - M. Poiana - M. Caracciolo

The Leccino cultivar is one of the most widespread olives in the Italian national territory and is also used in Calabria to increase biodiversity in the olive sector. The present study was carried out in 20 production areas of the Ionian side of the province of Reggio Calabria, in November 2016. The parameters detected and the results obtained were: free acidity (0.19-0.62%); number of peroxides (8.52-11.22 meq O2/kg oil); oxidative stability index measured with the Rancimat instrument (8,50-11.89 h); chlorophylls (24-31 mg/ kg); carotenes (7-14 mg/kg); total polyphenols (255-396 mg/kg); antioxidant activity - DPPH test (66.6-78.5%); total content in waxes (58-73 mg/ kg), total aliphatic alcohols (84-104 mg/kg), total sterols (1714-1881 mg/kg), sum of erythrodiol and grape (1.82-2.21%), The study contributed to the knowledge of this cultivar in a geographical area different from that of it’s origin.




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