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19 - Pulses: versatile raw materials for the production of bread and pasta
Bresciani - G. Chiesa - E. Dossi - S. Baroffio - A. Marti

In order to satisfy the consumer demand for nutritious and sustainable staple foods, recently more and more pulse-based products are available on the market.
Considering the great interest in these products, it is necessary to define the pulses (lentils, chickpeas, and peas) that are more suitable for specific transformations. In this context, this review aims at highlighting the characteristics of the main pulses used in food processing, from milling to bread- and pasta-making. Finally, the characteristics of the final products such as bread and pasta, enriched or completely formulated with pulses, will be assessed.


30 - Pilot-scale production of non-immunogenic soluble gluten for celiac: technological applications
S. Rossi - F. Capobianco - G. Sabatino - F. Maurano - D. Luongo - M. Rossi

Celiac is an immune-based disease triggered by gluten. We have shown that the enzymatic transamidation of gluten suppresses the inflammatory response in celiacs without modifying its main technological properties.
In this study, we produced soluble transamidated gluten (soluble protein fraction, spf) on a pilot scale, characterized by high protein content (88 mg/mL) and a reduced native gluten content (32±2 ppm). spf has values of solubility and emulsifying activity comparable with commercial samples of soluble gluten. In addition, a dough made from rice flour and spf is able of leavening. After cooking, the bread has a higher specific volume than rice-only bread (2.9±01 vs 2.0±0.1; P<0.05) with sensory characteristics similar to wheat. Therefore, our results highlight the technological value of transamidated soluble gluten to improve the nutritional and sensory parameters of GF foods.




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