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25 - Sicilian rivet wheat landraces: grain characteristics and technological quality of semolina and bread
A. Spina - P. Guarnaccia - M. Canale - R. Sanfilippo - M. Bizzini - S. Blangiforti - S. Zingale - M. Allegra - A. Sicilia - C. Nicotra - E. Li Puma - A. Leonardi - U. Anastasi


In recent years, local indigenous tetraploid Sicilian wheat varieties have attracted some interest. In this study, 18 local genotypes of Triticum turgidum subsp. turgidum, belonging to the ‘Bufala’, ‘Ciciredda’, ‘Bivona’ and ‘Paola’ groups, and two cultivars of Triticum turgidum subsp. durum were evaluated for the characteristics of their grains, flours and doughs, as well as the quality of the bread obtained. The wholemeal semolina and the doughs obtained from each genotype were evaluated for the main technological and rheological qualities, allowing the suitability of the genotypes themselves for bread-making to be assessed. The tests on the doughs and the bread-making tests highlighted poor bread-making quality and the possibility of using only some of these rivet local varieties individually for the production of traditional breads or, together with other ingredients, for the production of other baked products such as bread substitutes and biscuits.




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