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33 - Bioactive compounds determination in Hemp flour: biogenic amines and antioxidants
P. Rapa - M. Ruggeri - R. Ruggieri - G. Vinci


Industrial Hemp is an annual plant used in many sectors. Its production is strictly controlled by national and European regulations, due to the presence of “Delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)” a psychoactive substance within all varieties of Hemp and whose legal limit in most European Countries is of the 0.2%. Industrial Hemp can be used in its entirety to obtain food products such as flours and oils. Hemp flour has specific characteristics: it contains all the essential amino acids and has a ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids ω-3 / ω-6 optimal for human health. Furthermore, it does not contain gluten, is rich in fibre, and has 21% fewer calories than traditional flours. It can also be incorporated in a percentage between 5 and 20% to produce pasta and bread. This study proposes a characterization of hemp flour by determining bioactive compounds, such as: biogenic amines (by HPLC-FD) and antioxidant compounds (total polyphenols, ABTS, DPPH).




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