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41 - An overview of glyphosate as a residual pesticide in cereal products. Chemical-analytical aspects
M. Masci - T. Nevigato - R. Caproni


Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide, one of the most used in the world, which has recently risen to the headlines due to the disagreement among international bodies on its toxicity. It is widely used in the pre-sowing phase of cereals to control weeds, but its use in the pre-harvest phase as desiccant caused debate and controversy. The present paper deals with chemical analytical aspects. Concentration data on Glyphosate in cereals are scarce and its fate, once used in the field, is still partially to be ascertained as well as its impact on health. With this aim analytical laboratories must be able to accurately determine Glyphosate and its main degradation product, AMPA. The two most widespread instrumental techniques, LC/ MS/MS and GC/MS, are discussed, with limits and advantages. In addition, the available analytical data from literature are examined to clarify in which part of the grain the Glyphosate tends to accumulate.




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