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33 - Consumer trend

Consumers seek out brands that respond to their core values


36 - Cereals

A look at the world market for cereals and oilseeds - Extra copy of gene in rice to increase production - Grant for corn tar spot resistance research - Corn grain rehydrated with water or milk whey - Soy in cereal products - To enhance wheat yield - Pigmented corn varieties as functional ingredients for gluten-free products


46 - Milling

Reducing deoxynivalenol content in wheat - White sorghum milling, flour, and bread properties - Comparison of flour mill stream blending approaches - Milling methods on brown teff flour, dough, and bread properties - Compositional and functional characterisation of rye varieties - Kernel size and its interaction with genotype


52 - Bread

Tritordeum as an alternative to wheat - Sensory profile of Amorphophallus konjac flour on gluten-free bread - Reuse of wasted bread as soil amendment - Changes in bread making quality of wheat during postharvest maturations - Bread-making properties of einkorn wheat - Acerola powder as improver


58 - Pasta

High-protein ingredients from pseudocereals and legumes - Glycemic responses to three types of spaghetti - Re-use of spent grain - Addition of various species of mushrooms in semolina pasta - Effects of three kinds of improver on the characteristics of wheat flour and dough quality - Sesbania grandiflora as a food ingredient - High-amylose bread wheatand its effects on pasta


66 - Feedstuff

Diets for intestinal unavailable nitrogen - Fermented soybean for pigs – Fennel essential oil as an antibiotic alternative in rabbit diet - Dry malt extract from barley for cows - The alternative to restricted feeding - Barley straw treated with calcium oxide in cattle


72 - Machinery and equipment

Bakery Processing Equipment market forecast to 2026 - A revolutionary short pasta line - Successes for the end-of-line - 180 years of activity - Storage systems for short-cut pasta and handling for granular products - A new step forward - Flexibility to the milling sector - Tailor-made systems for pasta scraps recovery - Family-run business with more than 50 years of experience - A new technology for an high ratio flour - In the United States a new plant for Abbiamo Pasta Company - Spare parts and accessories for flour and feed mills - Augmented reality for avant-garde milling plant design – Increasing the palatability of feed by reducing energy consumption - Quality, research, and cuttingedge products - New concept of plansifter - Cimas: 180 years in the spotlight - A century of experience for inserts and dies


100 - News

Success for Ipack-Ima, with four days of innovation, sustainability, and technology transfer - Paper sacks on the move – Same passion, new graphic - Innovation, food technologies, and start-ups at Cibus Tec Forum - Sigep 2023, the Dolce World Expo begin the countdown - Diary of international events in Italy and worldwide events


111 - Supplier directory


120 - Advertisers index - Companies index


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