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5 - Exhibitions

Simei, the 2022 edition closed with over 30,000 attendees. Part I - The winners of the “Lucio Mastroberardino” Innovation Challenge - Counterpressure monobloc - Quick and easy analysis - Dynamic radiant air conditioner - X-ray inspection - Flooring systems for the wine, beverage, and brewery industry - Cutting-edge filtration technology - Oenological woods - Concrete tanks for wine - Risingfilling- capping - South Pole’s “Net Zero Plastic to Nature” goal achieved


22 - The company

Omnia Technologies is born (S. Musso)


28 - Machines & equipment

Avant-garde solution for designing the entire bottling line - Flexibility & compactness - Washing, rinsing, filling, capping - Solutions for compact, eco-sustainable end of line - High pressure technology for bulk drinks - Double screw pump - Beyond simple transportation


40 - Analysis & control

Colour measurement of alcoholic beverages


42 - Containers & closures

Packaging for beverages is growing more sustainable - Difference of red wines in polyethylenterephtalate and bag in box packaging


48 - Products

ChinottISSIMO, a pleasure for over 70 years - The world’s most sustainable vodka


50 - Laws

EU methods of ethyl alcohol analysis - Quality of water intended for human consumption


56 - Marketing

Overview of the wine, spirits, and vinegars sector in 2022 - Low/no alcohol beverages: an emerging high-growth market - Wine export in 2022 - Prosecco DOC: 2022 also closes with a positive sign


68 - Applied research

Ohmic heating for polyphenol extraction from grape berries - Oxygen gas transfer through oak barrels: a macroscopic approach - Effects of ultrasound irradiation on the coloration of the Cabernet Sauvignon wine during storage - Technological improvements in the Chianti Classico wine production


74 - News

Bulk wine is at the heart of the wine trade - Amorim Cork Italia’s balance sheet continues to grow - Investindustrial acquires Procon - Makro Labelling in Sidel group - Schenk Italia’s 2022 budget: turnover +7% over 2021 - Vinitaly 2023: from 2 to 5 April, the exhibition centre is fully booked - Edition number 40 for the Alambicco d’Oro - New edition for the Prima dell’Alta Langa announced - Agenda


83 - Beer & malt

AITBM visits Andriani spa (S. De Francesco) - Structurally reducing excise duties in order to boost the competitiveness of the Italian beer sector (A. Pratolongo) - The innovative test by Angelo Poretti brewery and Vinhood for discovering your ideal beer - The winners of the 2022 edition of the IGA Beer Challenge - Reliable and adaptable filling systems - Rapid beer analysis - Stile Capri, the beer of the Italian summer - Production of volatile aroma compounds by in brewers’ wort - Caramel and roasted wheat malts and top-fermented wheat beer


104 - Advertisers’ list & companies’ address

  The application of non-Saccharomyces yeasts in beer as a natural tool for innovation, to create different aroma profiles and flavoured non-alcoholic beers, has attracted great interest from both researchers and commercial brewers. As a result, a higher diversity of non-Saccharomyces&nbs...

  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are three imperatives the packaging industry is focusing on, in order to promote the use of sustainable materials such as rPET, 100% recycled film and cardboard, that, thanks to their high recycling rate, comply with the so called 3 Rs. The companies of the food, b...

  With SEW-EURODRIVE's Up To Next remanufacturing program, used gearmotors are as new again in just seven working days, with the same quality, restored performance and a two-year warranty. The gearmotor is totally regenerated thanks to a program specifically developed to preserve the environme...

  Bonarda, the second red grape variety in Argentina, produces high yields per hectare generating, in several cases, low quality wines. Microwave-assisted extraction (MW) is a novel extraction technique for winemaking, widely applied in other foods and stems addition (S) during vinification ca...


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