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5 - Exhibitions
Vinitech-Sifel 2022: a very good vintage - Glass barrels - Dynamic analysis of fermentative kinetics - Ceramic barrels - Vacuum system presses - Ergonomic, simple, and intuitive platform - Optimised barre storage - Fermetation temperature control - Stainless steel tanks - Automate your fermentation monitoring and control


14 - The company
High quality and lasting performance (S. Musso)


20 - Machines & equipment
New labelling machines series with 100% in-house software development - The success in Scotland - Metal vision systems - Sm@rtblock, the bottling solution suitable for any type of winery - Efficient drive solutions for customised, energy-saving, hygienic, and user-friendly beverage industry- The In-Sight 3800 vision system for high-speed applications


30 - Containers & closures
Influence of cork type on the aromatic profiles of different sparkling wines during bottled storage (F. Campos - P. Lopes - M. Cabral) - Software for automatic measurements and dimensioning on neck and threading of bottles - Protecting the oceans and making plastic a renewable resource - Top-level science put at the service of cork - Comparison and optimization: research on the structure of the PET bottle bottom


44 - Products
Campari: renewed brand and product identity - Exclusive distribution of Gin Mare - New out-of home bottle - The heart of Milan in a bottle - Fresh ally for a summer in “New Dolcevita” style - Hard seltzer made in Italy


50 - Applied research
Purification of eutrophic wastewater - Regenerable polyamide particles for wine lees filtration - Comparison and prediction of UV-C inactivation kinetics of S. cerevisiae - Microoxygenation of Pinot noir wines with different initial phenolic content - Ancient techniques to recreate “Wines” and “Beverages” using withered grapes - Improving protein stability in white wines - Influence of vibration on volatile compounds, color, SO2, and CO2 of white wine - How to reduce ethanol concentrations in wines - Development and analysis of an intensified batch-fed wine fermentation process - Effects of yeast and fermentation temperature on Pinot noir wine - Microalgae allies of wero-waste wineries - Removal of ochratoxin A from red wine - Influence of bottling plant rinsing on the final product - Aroma improvement of dealcoholized Merlot red wine using edible flowers


66 - Laws
Test methods for plastic caps remaining attached to containers


68 - Marketing

Market opportunities for alternative wine packaging - No-low and sparkling wines markets


74 - News
87 medals for grape spirits, brandies, and grappas from all over Italy - Corrado Dentis confirmed as president of the Coripet consortium - UniCredit and Sace support the sustainable development of Omnia Technologies - Sitevi 2023: an exhibition almost complete 6 months before its opening - Biomethane plant connected to the Italgas network - Bavaria alliance: Drinktec and BrauBeviale join forces - Agenda


81 - Beer & malt
In 2022 in Italy, consumption increases, but imports run faster than the national production - AITBM visits Coca-Cola HBC Italia plant in Oricola - Special beers with expertly selected hops - Beer & Food Attraction returns with a three-day format - Specialty malt beer - Schizosaccharomyces pombe in the brewing process - Lager yeast and high gravity brewing with increased temperature


96 - Advertisers’ list & companies’ address

  Everything comes from the earth and is done for the good of the earth! In Aranda de Duero, in the Spanish province of Burgos, everything revolves around the concepts of environment, culture, traditionand well-being. In the heart of this fascinating territory lies the headquarters of the Pas...

  According to new Freedonia study Beverage Packaging Consumer Insights, about half of consumers agree that packaging is an important factor when making grocery shopping choices. Different consumers might care about different features more than others; however, consumers are generally aware of...

  Over 40,000 visitors from 120 countries around the world are expected from 24 to 27 October 2023   A few months after the opening of Cibus Tec 2023, the available exhibition area is already almost sold out, with 1200 confirmed exhibitors, including the best Made in Italy food-mechanic...

  New applications for B&R transport systems open new markets for machine builders   B&R presents four new components for its mechatronic product transport systems.  New additions to the company's ACOPOStrak, SuperTrak and ACOPOS 6D portfolio create possibilities in new are...


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