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4 - Letter from publisher

Think and act optimistically


7 - Exhibitions

BrauBeviale 2019 Part 1: “The place-to-be” for the international beverage sector - Mixing and carbonating units - Can filling monoblock - Sacmi, the preferred partner of German beers - Automatic quality control system - Can block - Hygienic and energy efficient synchronous motor - New lauter tun - PET kegs, light and strong - Brewhouses - Innovative technology - Can depalletizer


20 - Machines & equipment

A company in continuous ferment - Flexible and reliable solutions for powders and liquids mixing - Why choose overhauled-guaranteed bottling machines? - Quality systems for flexible automation - Guide data, energy, fluids and air in a very tight place - Tanks and processing plants - How Birrificio Rurale has minimized the oxygen pickup - The next-generation hygienic valve control units - Interroll Drum Motors receive EHEDG certification for Highest hygiene requirements


36 - Analysis & control

Accurate dosing of sulphur dioxide in wine


38 - Containers & closures

Wine, record growth for Vinventions with +20% of closures sold in Italy in 2019 - New features for 3D scanner dedicated to beverage sector - Innovative packaging for the circular economy - Iconic capsules for premium brands


44 - Products

100% Forst, 0.0% Alcohol - New look for Thé San Benedetto - Can and r-PET for Acqua Recoaro - Renewed iconicity, between brand heritage and avant-gard tension - Roner presents Caldiff 80


48 - Applied research

Evaluation of aroma compounds in the process of wine ageing with oak chips - Anti-hangover and anti-hypertensive effects in vitro of fermented persimmon juice - Influence of Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces yeasts during red wine making - The importance of glycerol uptake in wine yeast during Icewine fermentation - Detection and quantification of adulteration in aged wine


54 - Marketing

Wine 2019: export growth continues - 2019: continued positive trend in sparkling wines - Glass packaging continues to record steady production growth in Europe - Waves of change in soft drinks choice - Big lessons from small brands


66 - Laws

Allowed methods for wine and must - The use of polysorbates in carbonated drinks is allowed


68 - News

Human error as posing the biggest data protection risk for companies - Maca Engineering joins Arol Group - Birra Peroni: reduced CO2 emissions by 30%


72 - Agenda

Summa: correct to stop to deal with the particular emergency situation - AMI’s Plastic Closure Innovation conference - Beviale Moscow: postponement and new dates - Coronavirus: ProWein 2020 postponed to next year - Vinitaly posponed to 2021 - Agenda

78 - Books


80 - Advertisers’ list & companies’ address

In this period, characterized by restrictions on freedom of movement of people, related to the need to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus, distance communication becomes an even more important factor to maintain relationships with our customers. SMI, that is compliant with the new regulations iss...

Dear Customer, Despite the current health emergency, we want to reassure you that SMI S.p.A. is continuously giving technical support and we assure that SMI is strictly compliant with all official measures and safety precautions taken by national and local authorities to contain and contrast the tr...

Veronafiere reorganizes its business to deal with the current emergency and reschedules Vinitaly on 18-21 April 2021....

  In addition to the opportunities for digital communications in e-commerce, businesses are making increasing use of digital technologies in shop-based retail. Packaging is an essential interface.   Driven by the growth in online trading, shop-based retail is also becoming increasingly digital. C...


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