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5 - Recovery of winemaking by-products for innovative food applications. A review
V. Lavelli - L. Torri - G. Zeppa - L. Fiori - G. Spigno

Winemaking by-products are potential resources for second-generation biorefineries, i.e., biorefineries fed with biowaste to produce added-value products, particularly for the food sector. In fact, winemaking by-products are outstanding sources of oil, phenolic compounds and dietary fibre and possess numerous health benefits and multifunctional characteristics, such as antioxidant, colouring, antimicrobial and texturizing properties. The present review highlights promising developments for the conversion of winemaking by-products into novel food ingredients, as well as their use in innovative foods, focusing on the type of recovered ingredients, dosage, formulation and processing. In addition, the primary benefits of winemaking by-products to new foods are described.


19 - Pollution and alteration from trichloroanisole. State of knowledge
S. Zaninotto

In the scientific dissertation an update on the product packaging culture for drinks is being made. An historical outline can help to orientate in the field, and give clarity regarding the concept of organoleptic alteration, on which today, as never before, we can compromise. A closer examination concerns in particular 2,4,6 trichloroanisole, a problem shared by various models of industry and identified in “portable” version as far as cork is concerned. The risk of suffering the effects has boosted the research in this field in order to counteract the problem, thus achieving today excellent levels of sensory perfection for oenological products. The maintenance of the status quo is nevertheless a question of teamwork and needs, as shown in the agreement, a joint effort of all those who are involved in the wine production chain.




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With great satisfaction of the final customer, the aisle of palletizing boxes created by Bondani is in full swing.The aisle has undergone a profound electric and mechanical revamping and, to date, is capable of working simultaneously two distinct references of cardboard boxes simultaneously. Further...

MTS Sensors delivers a high variety of sensing solutions through PCB Piezotronics and Temposonics® sensors. The food and beverage industry uses different equipment like mixers, centrifuges, pumps, motors, air compressors, ovens, ventilation and conveying systems. Hereby, the condition of the equipm...

    In the week of the ALL4PACK fair, the B&R ACOPOStrak system received an Innovation Award as well as an Oscar de l’Emballage. The awards emphasize just how innovative and disruptive this transport system is for the packaging and supply chain industries. Innovation AwardThe ACOPOStrak syste...

Many new technologies will be presented on the orange booth at SPS, focused on the intelligent and connected factory. Vision, robots, machines, transport systems, clouds, all together - as one - to ensure maximum efficiency and quality in production. Some examples? More than embedded: fully integr...


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