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5 - Marketing

Wine, in the lockdown the worst ever semester for producing countries - Covid does not stop Made in Italy sales in the USA - Coffee market in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector in 2020


12 - Machines & equipment

For labelling large formats - Latest generation labelling machine for Santero - Innovation and sustainability in the circular economy - Recycled bottles washing - Innovation driving the expansion of the product range - FDS double screw pumps-new drive system - Say goodbye to switches - Tailor-made solutions - When the labelling system makes a difference - Packaging of infusions and herbal teas - Upgrade to give new life to bottling and packaging machines - Repositioning Italproject - Fast and lubrication-free: new xiros film guide roller for labelling technology

36 - Analysis & control

Quality control of the grapes and their maturation - Artificial intelligence in assisting wine production


40 - Containers & closures

How digital technology supports the circular economy - Vinventions focuses on the integral circular economy for the best wines in the world - Rotating 3D laser scanner for the bottling industry - Eucerplast certification: double recognition for Aliplast process quality - Cardboard rings for cans - Coca-Cola in rPET - The closures of the future - Innovative technologies for plastic recycling - Growth opportunities in the global thin wall packaging segment


58 - Products

Soluble vegetable drinks with coffee - New Tuscan label for Tenute Lunelli - All the excellence of Amaro Toccasana to the umpteenth power


62 - Applied research

A new approach to the reduction of alcohol content in red wines: the use of high-power ultrasounds - Impact of the timing and temperature of malolactic fermentation on the aroma composition of Chardonnay wine - Influence of non-thermal processing techniques on sulfur dioxide and oxygen concentrations in young and aged wines - Efficacy of ozone against different strains of Brettanomyces bruxellensis on winegrapes postharvest and impact on wine composition - Alterations in yeast species composition of uninoculated wine ferments by the addition of sulphur dioxide - Cabernet Sauvignon aging stability altered by microoxigenation - Nanofiltration process as non-thermal alternative - Multivariate characterisation of Italian monovarietal red wines using MIR spectroscopy - The tartaric stabilization in wines - Prediction of anthocyanin concentrations during red wines fermentation

78 - News

A strong signal from China for the beverage industry - New collective agreement for the Mineral Water supply chain - Enoliexpo prepares a special edition - Assobirra presents proposals for the support to the supply chain - Beer & Food Attraction “doubles”: live and digital - Merano WineFestival: only the digital version in November - The beverage industry meets digitally: - WBWE Connect: the platform in order to foster business - Successful re-start after the lockdown - Agenda


88 - Advertisers’ list & companies’ address

  Uncertainty among companies due to high infection numbers proved too great   In agreement with its partners in associations and the industry, and with the trade fair advisory committee, Messe Düsseldorf has decided to cancel interpack 2021, scheduled to take place from 25 February to ...

Pulsed electric field (PEF) is a non-thermal technology able to promote color and polyphenols extraction from grape skins. Most of the publications about PEF in winemaking report data concerning international varieties, poorly considering minor cultivars and the medium/long-term effects of the treat...

The strategic partnership between FIVI (the Italian Federation of independent winemakers) and the leader in the production of sustainable closures for wine extended until 2023 The partnership between Nomacorc by Vinventions and FIVI is consolidated, with an agreement that will be valid until 2023. ...

  B&R introduces a new curved segment for SuperTrak   B&R now offers a wider 180° curved segment for its intelligent SuperTrak track system. The new curve enables greater holding and propulsion forces. The shuttles can travel at higher speeds and accelerate faster. This boosts t...


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