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Cornell University food scientists have created a new low-calorie 'butter' spread that consists mostly of water. A tablespoon of this low-calorie spread has 2.8 grams of fat and 25.2 calories. Butter, on the other hand, which is 84% fat and about 16% water, has about 11 grams of fat and nearly 100 c...

Researchers have discovered how brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue, may help protect against obesity and diabetes. Their study in the journal Nature adds to our knowledge about the role of brown fat in human health and could lead to new medications for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes...

In addition to the latest changes and new specifications, the expert in law explains in this issue the “mystery” (as we titled it) of the asterisks in the menu, reporting some interpretations. Concerning the food safety, we publish a study on food imports and exports in the Chinese food safety syste...

International Food, a company specialized in the production of plant based drinks for over 30 years, presents different products on the market under its own brands and as private labels. The careful selection of raw materials through a controlled and certified supply chain ensures high standards of ...


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