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Faravelli talks about its commitment to "striving to be more a diverse, inclusive and equitable organisation, every day!" through a new video. An international distributor of raw materials for the food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries, in almost a century of history...

  It is widely acknowledged that the quality of nutrition affects many aspects of physical and mental performance. A vegan diet is associated with superior cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions. Mediterranean diets (high fruit and vegetable content) are linked with reduced risk of neur...

  Titanium dioxide has been widely used in the past as a food additive (E 171) opacifier and white pigment in a variety of foods. Over the years, its use has been questioned and steadily decreased, culminating in the recent EFSA ban on its use because it was deemed unsafe. Food companies have ...

  The food and drink industry has already experienced huge changes from the impacts of the conflict in Ukraine, to the cost of living crisis. Mintel identifies three major trends for brands to put on their radar to help them navigate the year ahead.  In 2022, inflation in Europe reached ...


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