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4 - Burger legume-based development

C. Summo - I. Centomani - R. Nasti - V.M. Paradiso - A. Pasqualone - L. Cosmai - T. Gomes - F. Caponio

After cereals, leguminosae are the second worldwide food crops and, in a future scenario involving the high increase of the population, they will play an important role in human nutrition since they are a rich source of proteins at low cost. Considering the needs of the modern consumers that require foods characterized by high ease of use and good sensorial quality, pre-cooked legume-based burger have been formulated, produced and characterized, from a chemical and nutritional points of view. A consumers test evaluation was also carried out and the obtained results highlight a good level of consumer’s appreciation, with scores higher than 6.5 for all the parameters considered, with differences that were linked to the consumers age. Moreover, the proposed legume-based burgers were characterized by fatty acid and amino acid profile fulfilling both the established nutritional requirements and the recent dietary guidelines. Finally, the mean fiber content of the legume-based burger was of 6.4% as to meet the requirements for ‘high fiber content’ nutritional claim.




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Alimeco, with a wide range of innovative solutions and natural products for the food industries in applications such as pasta, meat, bakery and snack, for years has distinguished itself for its spirit of innovation setting its products apart from the others. Last year alone Alimeco’s labs have devel...

Gluten-free foods are generally nutritionally deficient and are the source of serious technological constraints. Researchers from the University of Lisboa (Portugal) have evaluate the technological performance of addition of two spirulina biomasses: Arthrospira platensis F&M-C256 and O...

The notion of convenience will take on new meaning at mealtimes as cocooning consumers re-evaluate their priorities. Indeed, the once-appealing notion of 'breakfast on-the-go' may be rendered irrelevant as consumers make more conscious efforts to stay home and slow down their hectic lifestyles, acco...

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1163 of 6 August 2020 authorising the placing on the market of vitamin D2 mushroom powder as a novel food under Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 of the European Parliament and of the Council and amending Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/2470....


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