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31 - Clipping effect on the nitrogen and protein fractions of ancient wheats grown in Mediterranean
M. Mefleh - R. Motzo - F. Boukid - F. Giunta

This study is the first to assess the effects of clipping, cultivar, season, and their interactions on the protein composition of six old and ancient wheat cultivars (n=6). For this, nitrogen content, the proportion of wheat protein fractions, and the molecular weight distribution of the extractable and unextractable glutenin polymers were investigated as a function of cultivar and clipping in two consecutive seasons. The relationships between genotypic variation in grain nitrogen and protein fraction content under clipping and non-clipping conditions were also assessed. Clipping delayed and shortened the grain filling period of all of the cultivars. The protein composition of some cultivars behaved differently to clipping due to differences in the environmental conditions of S1 (exceptional dry season) and S2 (rainy season). In S1, clipping decreased the ratio of gliadins over glutenins (GLI/GLU) (<1) of Cappelli and Giovanni Paolo, while in S2, clipping improved the GLI/GLU of Giovanni Paolo, Monlis, and Norberto. The unextractable polymeric proteins were not affected by clipping. Khorasan was shown to be indifferent to clipping in S1 and S2. These results suggest that it is possible to have ancient/old wheats suitable for a dual-purpose system, in different climatic conditions, while maintaining good grain quality traits. The increased market demand for ancient and old wheats presents an economic opportunity for farmers who adopt the dual-purpose technique to cultivate these resilient crops again and increase their profit margins and revenues.



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