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5 - Research

Quality attributes of gluten-free bread formulated with guar gum - Biological effect of magnetic field on the fermentation of wine - Inactivation of hepatitis A virus on berries by high-pressure processing - Can consumption of cricket powder impact gut microbiota? - The potential use of biocompatible silver nanoparticles in winemaking - Electrical resistance oven baking as a tool to study crumb structure formation in gluten-free bread - New active package for fresh orange juice - Comparing antioxidants levels in tomatoes of different color - Acceptability of alginate enriched bread and its effect on fat digestion in humans - The use of high pressure processing for extending the shelf-life of vacuum packed cold meats - Egg white protein film production for food packaging applications - Pulsed electric fields accelerate release of mannoproteins from Saccharomyces cerevisiae during aging of Chardonnay wine


16 - Food processing

Pasteurizing and cooling processes - Hammer mill - Automatic weighing system for powder ingredients - Vibrating sieves - Cereal and milling technology for food and beverage - Ploughshare mixers with extractable rotor shaft - As clean as you’ve ever seen - Stainless steel filters and pumps


24 - Meat processing

Focus on meat packaging - Affinity dicer - Automatic

pressing, stuffing and clipping machine - Packaging solution for meat and



30 - Confectionery & chocolate

Chocolate storage units - Custom equipment for bakery, pastry & pizza - Plants for chocolate and creams - Chocolate machines - Vertical nut roasters


36 - Beverage processing

Sugar dissolvers and UHT plants sterilizers - On-line beverage analysis


38 - Bottling

15 years at the ForeFront - Self-adapting closures chuck - Automated bottle washers - Filling machines - Integrated line from blowing to filling, closing and labelling


46 Labelling & coding

Labellers for pressure sensitive applications - Labelling machines


48 - Packaging equipment

Horizontal packaging in flow packs - Advanced technology to bottle purity - New sealing technology for packaging heat-sensitive products - About Gerhard Schubert - Clipping and twist-tying machines for closing bags


56 - Consumer trends

Successful dairy companies embrace the most powerful consumer trends - Sugar reduction and clean labelling significant in confectionery choices


60 Product trends

Bakery ingredients market: global opportunity and industry forecast - Provenance powers success at premium prices - Functional dairy products fortified with vitamins will thrive in APAC dairy & soy food sector - Plant powered performance: alternative proteins challenge dairy dominance


70 - Packaging trends

The green future of packaging - Aseptic packaging market to exceed USD 70 billion by 2024


74 - Nutrition

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of premature birth - How many calories do you burn? It depends on time of day - Salt could be a key factor in allergic immune reactions - Ideal protein to help seniors rebuild lost muscle - Protein released from fat after exercise improves glucose - A nutty solution for improving brain health


84 - News

Time of harvesting for the Sicilian green gold - Food and agriculture must play a vital part in reaching a sustainable future - International events in Italy - Cibus Tec 2019: more halls, more buyers, more sectors - Italy on the

top in food technology - Fi Europe & Ni


88 - Company index

  Un solo interlocutore per fornire la vostra Azienda di qualunque sistema a nastro o rete in acciaio per i vostri trasportatori. LMD, attraverso le sue rappresentate Märtens Transportbander e Tribelt può fornire reti a barrette intrecciate per ricopritrici e friggitrici, reti a spirale per tr...

  L'imballaggio permette di preservare il prodotto per tutto il tempo che intercorre tra il confezionamento e il consumo finale, passando per le diversi fasi della distribuzione e della commercializzazione. L'imballaggio viene anche definito "venditore silenzioso" per il suo potente valore co...

La seconda edizione del Master di I livello Eco Packaging Design- Systemic Innovation Design per il Progetto del Packaging parte sotto l’egida della Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging. La Fondazione sosterrà l’organizzazione del Master oltre a finanziare due borse di studio. “Lo sviluppo di profe...

  Quando si parla di colori per la panificazione o per paste speciali, per risultati naturalmente brillanti e durevoli è sempre opportuno intervenire con criterio. Alimeco ha studiato una serie di soluzioni di colore naturali dal grande potenziale sinergico per colorare e migliorare gli impast...


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