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A ‘bionic leaf’ could help feed the world - Non-conventional yeast strains increase the aroma complexity of bread - Utilization of modified wheat and tapioca starches as fat replacements in bread - The glow of food dye can be used to monitor food quality - Proofing of bread dough assisted by ohmic heating - A better way to pasteurize eggs - Paper and plastics more biodegradable with starch - Using rice flour to produce gluten free bread without additives - Making melons safer with steam - Chlorine dioxide pouches can make produce safer and reduce spoilage

Radiofrequency technology to sanitise gluten-free flour - Machines for the coffee industry - The real Italian pistachio - Gelfood: functional ingredients for imitation cheese - Turbo extractor with minimal wastes - Vertical multistage pumps - API technology for the food sector

Pizza lines - The first compact “bean to bar” machine - Zero stress system for dough dividers - Revolutionary rounding - Ice cream cone production - Horizontal batch mixers

Sacmi takes up the challenge together with Defranceschi

Packing machines: modularity and digitalisation are the key to more flexibility - Automatic ring wrapping machine

Gluten-free products market forecast to 2022 - Food commodity prices fall for fifth year in a row in 2016 - Seize the fermented foods opportunity - Health, convenience and choice drive new fruit snacks - Alternative sweeteners used in food - A snapshot on global mushroom market - The protein ingredients market - Global confectionery ingredient market - Chocolate strategy for the healthy snacking era - Wine, sparkling wine, spirits: trends demand ideas and the means to make them a reality - World plant milk market to top US$16 billion in 2018

The European market for labels - Glass packaging demand growth: the market trusts glass - High demand for pouches in meat packaging

A new way gut bacteria break down complex sugars has been identified - High consumption of flavonoids could reduce body fat mass - Mediterranean diet with virgin olive oil may protect the heart - Foods rich in resistant starch may benefit heath - Eating whole grains increases metabolism and calorie loss - Vitamin D protects against colds and flu - Food additive in candy could alter digestive cell function - Fat-like molecules help to turn on calorie-burning fat - Dietary potassium linked with lower blood pressure - Dried fruit pomace powders as functional food ingredients - Effects of green tea extract on lipids in postmenopausal women - Low-calorie sweeteners increase fat formation - Researchers reveal how stevia controls blood sugar levels - Lactose intolerance linked to lower vitamin D levels - Extra-virgin olive oil against Alzheimer’s - Grape-based compounds kill colon cancer stem cell - Altering gut bacteria pathways may stimulate fat tissue to prevent obesity - Whole tomato extract may prevent stomach cancer - Eggs can significantly increase growth in young children - Microgreens toppings are healthful - Mango consumption has positive impact on inflammatory bowel disease - High fat diet could increase longevity, strength - High salt intake associated with doubled risk of heart failure

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Why a few drops of water make whisky taste better - Salmonella vaccine reduces animal disease and foodborne illness - International events in Italy - Japanese scientists develop ice cream that doesn’t melt - Sigep 2018, the top in gelato, pastry and bakery show


  Un solo interlocutore per fornire la vostra Azienda di qualunque sistema a nastro o rete in acciaio per i vostri trasportatori. LMD, attraverso le sue rappresentate Märtens Transportbander e Tribelt può fornire reti a barrette intrecciate per ricopritrici e friggitrici, reti a spirale per tr...

  L'imballaggio permette di preservare il prodotto per tutto il tempo che intercorre tra il confezionamento e il consumo finale, passando per le diversi fasi della distribuzione e della commercializzazione. L'imballaggio viene anche definito "venditore silenzioso" per il suo potente valore co...

La seconda edizione del Master di I livello Eco Packaging Design- Systemic Innovation Design per il Progetto del Packaging parte sotto l’egida della Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging. La Fondazione sosterrà l’organizzazione del Master oltre a finanziare due borse di studio. “Lo sviluppo di profe...

  Quando si parla di colori per la panificazione o per paste speciali, per risultati naturalmente brillanti e durevoli è sempre opportuno intervenire con criterio. Alimeco ha studiato una serie di soluzioni di colore naturali dal grande potenziale sinergico per colorare e migliorare gli impast...


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