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5 - Research

Improving food quality bystudying the microbial composition of raw milk - Fish oil vs. lard: why some fat can help or hinder your diet - Soybean by-product could be an alternative prebiotic - Natural emulsifiers from olive oil waste product - How a protein could become the next big sweetener - Pomegranate juice could fight osteoarthritis - Alginate-starch encapsulation helps probiotic survival - Effect of microwave assisted baking on quality of rice flour bread - Spent brewer’s yeast extract as an ingredient in cooked hams - Guarana found to have higher antioxidant potential than green tea - Strong evidence suggests Vitamin D can reduce asthma attacks - New premises for functional foods from nanotechnology


14 - Food processing

Mascarpone: the special receipt developed by SCA - Coffee roasters - Homogenizers - Vertical mixers and dryers series VP


18 - Beverage processing

Bottle washing technology


20 - Fruit and vegetable

PIGO: mission and philosophy of excellence - Asparagus processing - Automatic spiralizer for fruit and vegetables


24 - Milk and cheese equipment

Dairy industry 4.0 at drinktec - The automatic milk standardization system


28 - Bakery and confectionery

Confectionery and bakery product packages: standing out from the crowd, but not at any price - Continuous production plant for creams - Complete drying solutions for the confectionery industry - Tempering enrobing machine - Make the perfect dough for your products - Wire cutting machines - Puffed cereal production


40 - Packaging equipment

Packaging solutions for coffee - Flow-wrapping machine for baking products - Automatic packaging solution for fruit and vegetables - Technological integration and innovation - Multi-performing palletizers - Pallet wrapping machines - A flexible and complete loading and cartoning system - When the end-of-line machine features modular engineering - Can labelling and cartoning machines


52 - Labelling and coding

Direct printing on the verge of a breakthrough? - Sleeve on can is the future of Packaging


56 - Ancillary equipment

Stainless steel range of pneumatic components - Solid technological know-how for the food industry - Self-priming side-channel electric pumps - Vibratory conveyors


60 - Packaging materials

Food packages: safe, efficient, smart and sustainable


64 - Containers and closures

PET: energy and resource efficiency in the foreground - Quality and versatility, Sacmi’s response to food&beverage market trends in China


70 - Nutrition

Cocoa compound could help control appetite - Ancient grains make healthful, tasty cookies - Almond consumption may help reduce cholesterol - Soluble corn fiber can help women to keep bones healthy - New research delimits the possible causes of celiac disease - Eating bread made with ancient grains could benefit heart health - The spice of life: cinnamon cools your stomach - Alcoholic drinks contribute four times more than soft drinks to global calorie consumption - Acai may improve cardiovascular health - How high-protein diets cause weight loss - Mulberry compound aids weight loss by activating brown fat - Gut bacteria affect our metabolism - Major finding identifies nitrogen as key driver for gut health - Saturated fat could be good for you


86 - Packaging trends

Every second aluminium closure in Europe is now recycled - Five packaging trends in 2017 - PE Film industry remains strong but challenges on the horizon - Demand for cups & lids to reach $10.6 billion - Global demand for high barrier films for food packaging


92 - Product trends

The six key global food and drink trends for 2017 - Milk alternatives to flourish globally - Global savory snacks market trend grows - Global fish and seafood market will see consistent healthy growth - Trends and forecasts on global canned food market - No sugar please: how snacks are redefined - Mixed growth for Private Label soft drinks across Europe - The future of natural flavors & fragrances in food - The re-birth of cheese


104 - Consumer trends

Personalized nutrition is the next big growth opportunity - “Clean” is the key word for
the 2017 top trends


108 - News

A Due celebrates its 50th anniversary - Could eating insects help meet the nutritional needs of the world’s growing population? - International events in Italy - Pesticide residues in food: risk to consumers remains low


112 - Advertiser & company index

  Un solo interlocutore per fornire la vostra Azienda di qualunque sistema a nastro o rete in acciaio per i vostri trasportatori. LMD, attraverso le sue rappresentate Märtens Transportbander e Tribelt può fornire reti a barrette intrecciate per ricopritrici e friggitrici, reti a spirale per tr...

  L'imballaggio permette di preservare il prodotto per tutto il tempo che intercorre tra il confezionamento e il consumo finale, passando per le diversi fasi della distribuzione e della commercializzazione. L'imballaggio viene anche definito "venditore silenzioso" per il suo potente valore co...

La seconda edizione del Master di I livello Eco Packaging Design- Systemic Innovation Design per il Progetto del Packaging parte sotto l’egida della Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging. La Fondazione sosterrà l’organizzazione del Master oltre a finanziare due borse di studio. “Lo sviluppo di profe...

  Quando si parla di colori per la panificazione o per paste speciali, per risultati naturalmente brillanti e durevoli è sempre opportuno intervenire con criterio. Alimeco ha studiato una serie di soluzioni di colore naturali dal grande potenziale sinergico per colorare e migliorare gli impast...


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