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3 - Research

Manipulating yogurt bacteria to reduce sugar content - Altering food intake behaviour using emulsion droplet size - Soy shows promise as natural anti-microbial agent - Two approaches to enhancing tomato flavour - Effects of hemicellulase on white bread quality - Coconut oil found to lower the glycaemic index in bread - Chia as fat replacer in sweet pan breads - Bacteriophages can reduce Salmonella in meat products by 90% - Red algae could counteract food allergies - Astaxanthin from shrimp waste as potential food coloring and ingredient - Modified rye bread against irritable bowel syndrome - Plant compounds, curcumin and silymarin found to inhibit colon cancer cells - Quinoa could replace fat in dry-cured sausage

18 - Food processing
Coffee processing - Multifunctional robotized station - Dosing and filling systems for food - Vacuum cooking technology for food processing - Nuova Guseo: your partner in milling and mixing - Low temperature dryers - Rotary can sterilizer-cooler

26 - Meat processing
Innovative solutions for smoking, maturing, cooking, cooling and heating technology - Line for salami

30 - Beverage processing
Process solutions for brewers - Innovative system for water treatment and recovery in the beverage industry

34 - Bottling
Beverage packages: the perfect blend of individuality and efficiency - Automation and flexibility, Sacmi’s calling card at CibusTec - Bottling solutions – Automatic management of the filling volume - P.E. Labellers will attend Nürnberg and Paris

46 - Packaging equipment
Flowpack packaging preserves quality cheeses - Vertical packaging - Tray sealing technology - Vertical form-fill-sealing - Wrap-around machines

52 - Ancillary equipment
Sanitary design for the transfer of food products - Innovative lubricant solutions for the food industry - Efficiency is always guaranteed with Emilos vibrating screens - Electically driven lubricator – Nothing goes to waste

56 - Nutrition
Bilberries to increase dietary fibre intake - Why artificial sweeteners can increase appetite? - Foods with complex texture could increase feelings of fullness – Prenatal fruit consumption boosts babies’ cognitive development - Peptides in fermented milk may reduce blood pressure - Dietary fiber intake tied to successful aging - Walnuts may improve your colon health - Fresh fruit associated with lower risk of heart attack and stroke - Cranberry juice can boost heart health - Red wine may protect heart by altering gut microbiome - Large whey protein breakfast may fight diabetes - Losing weight with a high-protein diet can help adults sleep better

70 - Consumer trends
Two-thirds of German ice cream consumers are interested in non-dairy alternatives - Europe leads the way in organic sweets innovation

74 - Products trends
Natural sweeteners look to close the sweetness gap in soft drinks - Global salt consumption to reach 335 million tons - Asia’s beverage market to experience unprecedented growth - Energy drinks are booming - Nut and cereal milks join soy in plant-based challenge to dairy - Global juice drink consumption to rise by 5% a year - Good expectation for global dairy and soy food market by 2020 - Low and zero alcohol beer gaining popularity in West Europe

86 - Packaging trends
European beverage can market enjoys 2% growth - US demand for food containers to exceed $31 billion in 2020 - US active & intelligent packaging demand to reach $4 billion in 2019 - Global demand for wine packaging continues to grow - US demand for caps & closures still grows

92 - New and technology
Global wheat and rice harvests poised to set new record - International events in Italy - Chicza… the king of chewing-gum! - Apps could boost alcohol sales among young adults - Italian wine technology exhibition SIMEI to alternate between Munich and Italy

96 - Advertiser & company index

Anche quest’anno sono moltissime le aziende che hanno scelto TUTTOFOOD – a fieramilano fino a giovedì 9 maggio – per presentare le loro novità più interessanti: ecco alcune delle proposte più originali e innovative viste negli stand nei primi due giorni di manifestazione.   Felicia, che fibra di p...

Secondo una recente indagine dell’analista GlobalData, per effetto della crescente consapevolezza sulla salute nella regione Asia-Pacifico (APAC) i consumatori dovrebbero passare a prodotti caseari funzionali arricchiti con vitamine. Pertanto, la specificità del prodotto emergerà come il fattore tra...

Passate ricerche avevano già verificato che sostituire con l’acqua le bibite dietetiche accelerasse la perdita di peso, ma nessuno aveva mai verificato i benefici di un consumo anche successivo alla dieta ipocalorica. Uno studio coordinato dalla prof. Madjd della University of Nottingham (GB) ha pre...


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