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5- Research

Copper is key in burning fat - Modelling of microwave heating of a frozen meal - New era of chocolate flavours from yeast research - Antimicrobial wash reduces health risks in fresh produce - Non-gluten proteins as structure forming agents in gluten-free bread - A new alternative to sodium: fish sauce - Quality of dough and bread prepared with sea salt or sodium chloride - Improvement of bread making properties by alginates - Lowering the risk of infection with grapes - Increased vitamin C could help protect against cataracts- How to increase acceptability of stevia sweetened drinks - Increasing puffiness of snack foods with carrot pulp

18 - Food processing

Freezing equipment for fruit and vegetables - Metal detection solutions - Automatic dosing machine for ingredients - Horizontal mixers - Aseptic sterilisers - Pasteurizing systems - Pasta filata cheese production

26 - Beverage processing

Energy savings in beer production - Innovation in the analysis of beer - Preform feeding system

30 - Bakery & confectionery

Continuous melters for cocoa mass and chocolate - Automatic moulding line - Hard and soft candy production

34 - Fillers and cappers

Bottle washer - Roll-fed labelling - Filling solutions

38 - Packaging equipment

Only one wrapping machine for any type of cheese - Coffee packaging equipment - Automatic thermo-sealing machine - Thermoforming machines - Flow-Vac wrapping system - Innovative packaging solutions for coffee capsule

46 - Nutrition

EU project NU-AGE: new guidelines for a healthier aging in Europe - Berry pigments may decrease bad cholesterol in overweight individuals - Frying vegetables is healthier than boiling in water - New study finds clear differences between organic and non-organic milk and meat - Consumer perception of organic foods affected by food type and where they’re sold - Drinking more water associated with numerous dietary benefits- Probiotic strains may fight milk allergy - Broccoli may offer protection against liver cancer - Vegans may lack essential nutrient intake

60 - Consumer trends

A third of consumers remain in the dark over what “clean label” means - Flexitarian lifestyle is new trend - Appeal of sophisticated sodas goes beyond alcohol alternatives

66 - Product trends

Super growth for “superfoods” - Flavoured water to top 10 billion litres in 5 years - Explosion of seaweed-flavoured food and drink launched in Europe - Craft spirits today account for one in seven global spirit launches - Global per capita fish consumption rises above 20 kg a year - World demand for flavours & fragrances still raises

78 - News & Technology

Crunch effect: how the sounds of eating curb the appetite - Silk keeps fruit fresh without refrigeration - Biotech/GM crops planted on two billion hectares from 1996 to 2015- How we feed the world is unsustainable - New partnership between P.E. Labellers and Lactalis - Cibus Tec 2016: signs of record edition - Food and Beverage professionals meet in Dubai - International events in Italy

88 - Advertiser & Company index

Anche quest’anno sono moltissime le aziende che hanno scelto TUTTOFOOD – a fieramilano fino a giovedì 9 maggio – per presentare le loro novità più interessanti: ecco alcune delle proposte più originali e innovative viste negli stand nei primi due giorni di manifestazione.   Felicia, che fibra di p...

Secondo una recente indagine dell’analista GlobalData, per effetto della crescente consapevolezza sulla salute nella regione Asia-Pacifico (APAC) i consumatori dovrebbero passare a prodotti caseari funzionali arricchiti con vitamine. Pertanto, la specificità del prodotto emergerà come il fattore tra...

Passate ricerche avevano già verificato che sostituire con l’acqua le bibite dietetiche accelerasse la perdita di peso, ma nessuno aveva mai verificato i benefici di un consumo anche successivo alla dieta ipocalorica. Uno studio coordinato dalla prof. Madjd della University of Nottingham (GB) ha pre...


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