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  One single partner to provide your Company with any belt systems or steel mesh belt for your conveyors. LMD, through its represented Companies Märtens Transportbander and Tribelt can supply rod network belts for enrobers and fryers, wire belts for conveyors, cooking ovens, pasteurizers, and ...

  Packaging allows to preserve the product from the moment the package is realized, to the moment it is consumed by the final user, going through the distribution and marketing stages. Packaging is also defined as the “silent seller” for its strong communication value in conveying information...

The second edition of the 1st level Master Eco Packaging Design - Systemic Innovation Design for the Packaging Project starts under the aegis of the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation. The Foundation will support the organization of the Master in addition to funding two scholarships. “The develop...

  When it comes to natural colors for bakery and specialty pasta, in order to achieve long-lasting results it is important to work with ingredients wisely. Alimeco developed a number of solutions for naturally coloring pasta and bakery products to be used together in order to create a powerful...


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