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5 - Research

Improving food quality bystudying the microbial composition of raw milk - Fish oil vs. lard: why some fat can help or hinder your diet - Soybean by-product could be an alternative prebiotic - Natural emulsifiers from olive oil waste product - How a protein could become the next big sweetener - Pomegranate juice could fight osteoarthritis - Alginate-starch encapsulation helps probiotic survival - Effect of microwave assisted baking on quality of rice flour bread - Spent brewer’s yeast extract as an ingredient in cooked hams - Guarana found to have higher antioxidant potential than green tea - Strong evidence suggests Vitamin D can reduce asthma attacks - New premises for functional foods from nanotechnology


14 - Food processing

Mascarpone: the special receipt developed by SCA - Coffee roasters - Homogenizers - Vertical mixers and dryers series VP


18 - Beverage processing

Bottle washing technology


20 - Fruit and vegetable

PIGO: mission and philosophy of excellence - Asparagus processing - Automatic spiralizer for fruit and vegetables


24 - Milk and cheese equipment

Dairy industry 4.0 at drinktec - The automatic milk standardization system


28 - Bakery and confectionery

Confectionery and bakery product packages: standing out from the crowd, but not at any price - Continuous production plant for creams - Complete drying solutions for the confectionery industry - Tempering enrobing machine - Make the perfect dough for your products - Wire cutting machines - Puffed cereal production


40 - Packaging equipment

Packaging solutions for coffee - Flow-wrapping machine for baking products - Automatic packaging solution for fruit and vegetables - Technological integration and innovation - Multi-performing palletizers - Pallet wrapping machines - A flexible and complete loading and cartoning system - When the end-of-line machine features modular engineering - Can labelling and cartoning machines


52 - Labelling and coding

Direct printing on the verge of a breakthrough? - Sleeve on can is the future of Packaging


56 - Ancillary equipment

Stainless steel range of pneumatic components - Solid technological know-how for the food industry - Self-priming side-channel electric pumps - Vibratory conveyors


60 - Packaging materials

Food packages: safe, efficient, smart and sustainable


64 - Containers and closures

PET: energy and resource efficiency in the foreground - Quality and versatility, Sacmi’s response to food&beverage market trends in China


70 - Nutrition

Cocoa compound could help control appetite - Ancient grains make healthful, tasty cookies - Almond consumption may help reduce cholesterol - Soluble corn fiber can help women to keep bones healthy - New research delimits the possible causes of celiac disease - Eating bread made with ancient grains could benefit heart health - The spice of life: cinnamon cools your stomach - Alcoholic drinks contribute four times more than soft drinks to global calorie consumption - Acai may improve cardiovascular health - How high-protein diets cause weight loss - Mulberry compound aids weight loss by activating brown fat - Gut bacteria affect our metabolism - Major finding identifies nitrogen as key driver for gut health - Saturated fat could be good for you


86 - Packaging trends

Every second aluminium closure in Europe is now recycled - Five packaging trends in 2017 - PE Film industry remains strong but challenges on the horizon - Demand for cups & lids to reach $10.6 billion - Global demand for high barrier films for food packaging


92 - Product trends

The six key global food and drink trends for 2017 - Milk alternatives to flourish globally - Global savory snacks market trend grows - Global fish and seafood market will see consistent healthy growth - Trends and forecasts on global canned food market - No sugar please: how snacks are redefined - Mixed growth for Private Label soft drinks across Europe - The future of natural flavors & fragrances in food - The re-birth of cheese


104 - Consumer trends

Personalized nutrition is the next big growth opportunity - “Clean” is the key word for
the 2017 top trends


108 - News

A Due celebrates its 50th anniversary - Could eating insects help meet the nutritional needs of the world’s growing population? - International events in Italy - Pesticide residues in food: risk to consumers remains low


112 - Advertiser & company index

Probiotics either taken by themselves or when combined with prebiotics, may help to ease depression, suggests a review of the available evidence, published in BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health. But as to whether they might help to lessen anxiety isn't yet clear, say the researchers. Foods ...

From coffee to flours, but also cocoa and premixed products for cakes, ice creams and energy bars: conveying the processing of food products is a vast and complex world, in which the respect for the raw materials is essential in order to preserve the characteristics of products. NTE Process is the ...

  In the food and beverage industry it is essential to preserve the quality and freshness of the products from the time they leave the plant until the moment they reach the consumers' table; in order to do it, it is necessary to have resistant packs capable of ade...

With its mix of Pygrain®, Biosol® and Cereal-San® Mist, the solution designed by Newpharm® provides zero-impact for environments. Pygrain® is a liquid concentrated insecticide with natural pyrethrum suitable for any kind of environment and goods. The pyrethryns contained in the pyrethrum extract red...


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