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“INDUSTRIE DELLE BEVANDE worldwide bottling” is the leading Italian journal addressing all branches of the beverage industry: mineral waters, wines, soft drinks, aperitifs, beer, spirits, fruit juices, etc. Six issues are published yearly since 1971. Technical, scientific and practical articles concerning production, bottling and beverage control are here reported, in addition to several features supplying all the information concerning machinery, products, packaging and law.


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3 - Characterization of chitinase isoforms from grape juice
D. Gazzola - G. Pasini - S. Tolin - A. Curioni - S. Vincenzi

Grape chitinases are recognized as being mainly responsible for protein haze formation in white wines. Vitis vinifera L. cv. Manzoni Bianco grape juice proteins were fractionated using anion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatographies. According to SDS-PAGE and zymography, six protein bands with chitinolytic activity were subjected to mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF/ TOF MS), which assigned all the bands to Vitis vinifera class IV chitinases. These grape chitinase isoforms showing different electrophoretic and chromatographic behaviours are likely to be also distinct in their functionality in wine. This could be relevant to understand the involvement of single chitinase components in wine hazing and to develop specific winemaking techniques for their removal from wine.




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