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3 - Volatiles and acceptability of liqueurs from kumquat and grapefruit
C. Summo - A. Trani - M. Faccia - F. Caponio - G. Gambacorta

The aim of this work was to produce liqueurs from “minor” citrus fruits, such as kumquat and grapefruit, characterize their volatile fraction and evaluate their acceptability by a consumer test. A limoncello sample (BL) was produced under the same conditions and used for comparison. All the new liqueurs were found to be richer in limonene and poorer in oxygenated compounds than the BL. The volatile fraction was mostly represented (85%) by limonene in grapefruit liqueur. Liqueur from kumquat peel (BK) was the richest in volatile compounds, whereas the one from kumquat fruit (FK) was the poorest. This latter also had the particular feature to be the richest in sesquiterpene alcohols. Octanal and decanal, and two acetals deriving from these aldehydes (1,1-diethoxyoctane and 1,1-diethoxydecane) were most prevalent in BK and BL. The consumer test showed that all liqueurs were judged to be acceptable. Nevertheless, limoncello remained the most preferred, while the FK liqueur obtained the best flavour score in the group of minor citrus fruits.




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