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3 - Research

Manipulating yogurt bacteria to reduce sugar content - Altering food intake behaviour using emulsion droplet size - Soy shows promise as natural anti-microbial agent - Two approaches to enhancing tomato flavour - Effects of hemicellulase on white bread quality - Coconut oil found to lower the glycaemic index in bread - Chia as fat replacer in sweet pan breads - Bacteriophages can reduce Salmonella in meat products by 90% - Red algae could counteract food allergies - Astaxanthin from shrimp waste as potential food coloring and ingredient - Modified rye bread against irritable bowel syndrome - Plant compounds, curcumin and silymarin found to inhibit colon cancer cells - Quinoa could replace fat in dry-cured sausage

18 - Food processing
Coffee processing - Multifunctional robotized station - Dosing and filling systems for food - Vacuum cooking technology for food processing - Nuova Guseo: your partner in milling and mixing - Low temperature dryers - Rotary can sterilizer-cooler

26 - Meat processing
Innovative solutions for smoking, maturing, cooking, cooling and heating technology - Line for salami

30 - Beverage processing
Process solutions for brewers - Innovative system for water treatment and recovery in the beverage industry

34 - Bottling
Beverage packages: the perfect blend of individuality and efficiency - Automation and flexibility, Sacmi’s calling card at CibusTec - Bottling solutions – Automatic management of the filling volume - P.E. Labellers will attend Nürnberg and Paris

46 - Packaging equipment
Flowpack packaging preserves quality cheeses - Vertical packaging - Tray sealing technology - Vertical form-fill-sealing - Wrap-around machines

52 - Ancillary equipment
Sanitary design for the transfer of food products - Innovative lubricant solutions for the food industry - Efficiency is always guaranteed with Emilos vibrating screens - Electically driven lubricator – Nothing goes to waste

56 - Nutrition
Bilberries to increase dietary fibre intake - Why artificial sweeteners can increase appetite? - Foods with complex texture could increase feelings of fullness – Prenatal fruit consumption boosts babies’ cognitive development - Peptides in fermented milk may reduce blood pressure - Dietary fiber intake tied to successful aging - Walnuts may improve your colon health - Fresh fruit associated with lower risk of heart attack and stroke - Cranberry juice can boost heart health - Red wine may protect heart by altering gut microbiome - Large whey protein breakfast may fight diabetes - Losing weight with a high-protein diet can help adults sleep better

70 - Consumer trends
Two-thirds of German ice cream consumers are interested in non-dairy alternatives - Europe leads the way in organic sweets innovation

74 - Products trends
Natural sweeteners look to close the sweetness gap in soft drinks - Global salt consumption to reach 335 million tons - Asia’s beverage market to experience unprecedented growth - Energy drinks are booming - Nut and cereal milks join soy in plant-based challenge to dairy - Global juice drink consumption to rise by 5% a year - Good expectation for global dairy and soy food market by 2020 - Low and zero alcohol beer gaining popularity in West Europe

86 - Packaging trends
European beverage can market enjoys 2% growth - US demand for food containers to exceed $31 billion in 2020 - US active & intelligent packaging demand to reach $4 billion in 2019 - Global demand for wine packaging continues to grow - US demand for caps & closures still grows

92 - New and technology
Global wheat and rice harvests poised to set new record - International events in Italy - Chicza… the king of chewing-gum! - Apps could boost alcohol sales among young adults - Italian wine technology exhibition SIMEI to alternate between Munich and Italy

96 - Advertiser & company index

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